Health Systems and Hospitals

Increase medication adherence. Reduce patient readmissions. Increase HCAHPS scores. All while providing additional ancillary revenue.

Healthcare's Evolution

Healthcare has begun to tie quality-of-care metrics and outcomes to reimbursements (see Industry Overview), and studies estimate that 65% of hospital readmissions or treatment failures is due to medication-related issues. This is causing health systems and hospitals to seek out retail/outpatient pharmacy strategies to combat this growing issue. Some of the big-box chain drug stores have attempted to put in their pharmacies at the point of care, but are finding their bedside programs ineffective due to lack of integration and inflexibility.

The Solution

PharmaPoint has a full suite of hospital solutions designed to 1) increase medication adherence, 2) reduce patient readmissions, and 3) increase medication-related HCAHPS scores. Our unique model combines point-of-care, retail pharmacy management with clinical services such as bedside delivery of medication and consultation at discharge, medication reconciliation, medication synchronization and Medication Therapy Management (MTM), to meet the goals above. Our business intelligence and workflow management system, XchangePoint, is utilized to integrate with a hospital's EHR system, aggregating data from the EHR, the pharmacy and other clinical systems to provide a complete picture of a patient's healthcare.

Clinical Operations Assessment

In order to effective integrate the pharmacy into the hospital, we send a team to perform a Clinical Operations Assessment to understand and baseline the current discharge process and workflow (by floor/department). We work with your staff on processes to best integrate the pharmacy into your workflow to best facilitate the engagement of the physician/staff and the pharmacist.

The Result

The on-site retail pharmacy management service, combined with our suite of clinical programs and XchangePoint, provides a complete solution for hospitals to overcome today's healthcare issues.