Physician Groups

Increased patient satisfaction. Better patient outcomes. Additional revenue. Point-of-care pharmacy is a competitive differentiator.

Declining Reimbursement

Over the past 20 years, physicians have seen a 15-20% reduction in their personal income due to steadily declining reimbursement rates and ever increasing costs. Federally and state funded programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, have been the worst offenders—over the past two years alone, reimbursements have been cut by nearly 10%, estimates America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). Additionally, starting January 1, 2015, physicians’ payments are being increasingly tied to providing higher-value care—a trend that will only increase over the next few years. As a result, many groups are looking at bringing ancillary services back into their hospital or physician practice.

Point-of-Care Pharmacy

Point-of-care pharmacies can be a great convenience for your patients and a competitive differentiator for your practice. Most importantly, a pharmacy can help complete the continuum of care leading to better patient care and reduced healthcare costs. And, since you own the pharmacy, the pharmacy profit is a great ancillary income to help offset your declining reimbursement rates. Our turn-key, pharmacy management services handle everything from design/layout, to licensing and contracting, to compliance and day-to-day management.

The Result

The on-site retail pharmacy management solutions and adherence programs can not only create better patient care outcomes and increase patient satisfaction, but also provide an additional ancillary revenue stream.


Pharmacy Management

PharmaPoint helps providers close the care continuum by bringing pharmacy back to the point-of-care with our customized and integrated point-of-care pharmacy management solutions. – Read more

Adherence Programs

We help create better patient outcomes with our adherence services such as our OnePoint medication synchronization program, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Infusion Center Delivery and Home Delivery.