The point of complete care

PharmaPoint has best-in-class pharmacy management solutions for health systems/hospitals, physician groups and self-insured corporations/municipalities.

Healthcare costs in our country have skyrocketed over the past decade. A large part of this escalating cost is due to medication non-adherence or complications, with studies showing that up to 65% of patient readmissions are medication related. Payers are combating this issue by lowering reimbursements to providers and instituting reimbursement penalties based on patient readmission rates.

To combat these issues, PharmaPoint has created customized and integrated point-of-care pharmacy management solutions that create better patient outcomes while providing an additional source of ancillary revenue for the following:



Nice words from some of our clients.

"PharmaPoint has handled every step in the setup and opening of our pharmacy with expertise and professionalism. Patient response to the opening of our pharmacy has been very positive. The convenience of the pharmacy cannot be beat—a great advantage for the elderly, those with mobility issues, or simply those with a busy lifestyle. For many patients, the pharmacy can have, or nearly have, the patient’s prescription ready by the time the patient arrives at the pharmacy." — Emmett Forrester, Practice Administrator of Northeast Georgia Diagnostic Clinic

“Our pharmacist is part of the care team. He regularly communicates with our doctors (and vice versa) when drug dosage, interaction, or affordability questions present themselves. Ultimately, this increased interaction positively impacts medication adherence and patient outcomes.” — Mark Morgan, CEO of Huntington Internal Medicine